Thursday, January 10, 2013

Ill-formed ICD-10-CM codes causing coding problems, as predicted nearly 13 years ago

Dr. Vergil Slee and his co-authors predicted in their 2000 book The Endangered Medical Record that the use of capital 'I' and lower-case 'o' in ICD-10-CM codes would cause confusion (with the numeral '1' and the numeral '0', respectively).

That prediction has come true.  Annie Boynton, director of provider regulatory compliance (ICD-10) communication, adoption and training for UnitedHealth Group, says that problems such as distinguishing between the letter “o” and the number zero and “1” and “I” result in incorrect and partial coding.

That and other technical issues with ICD-10-CM make it an antiquated system to which we should not switch!

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